Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Disadvantages of wearing eye glasses

It is true that the modern day eyeglasses can be very light in weight and hence easy on the ears. They are also available in different designs and some have strong lens and frames to resist friction or pressure. But despite all claims which eyeglass-manufacturing companies make, the truth is that wearing a pair of glasses is still a trouble. So, a lot of people are now opting for laser eye surgery which can be performed by a professional eye surgeon in India. An appointment with a Lasik eye surgeon can be made at a lasik eye care clinic.

So, what are the many disadvantages of wearing glasses?

If you have been wearing them, perhaps you do not need any telling. You must be familiar with it's demerits like being painful, and sometimes even expensive. Firstly you have to clean the glasses from time to time. They can accumulate dust fairly fast. This prohibits clear vision and usually requires periodic cleansing preferably through a cleansing solution. Also, it is not uncommon for the glass to crack or for the frame to get bent or broken. There are several instances when someone sits over the glasses by mistake or when they slip out of the hand and crash on the cemented floor. All these incidents call for extra expenses which can hurt your pocket.

Another set of disadvantages can be linked with the limitation of activities. Wearing glasses nearly handicaps the wearer as he is unable to carry out a few things with freedom. For instance, every time you go to watch 3D or a 7D movie, you are in a fix. The special polarized glasses which they provide to enjoy the 3D/7D experience have to be mounted on top of your power glasses. This can give you a rather ridiculous appearance. Playing a game of cricket too can be challenging as the ball often hits the glasses and either shatters it or distorts the shape of the frame. So, one is always in fear while participating in any outdoor activity or game.

Glasses also tend to get loose easily and slip over the nose or even fallout of the face. It can be tricky to bend or stoop during such moments for the fear that the glasses will trip over. Eyeglasses give another set of problems when the weather is not very pleasant. During the rain, walking on the streets becomes a big problem as water clogs over the glasses all the time. During winters, fog or mist tends to develop, especially in the early morning.

For some people, especially the kids, wearing glasses can lead to embarrassment or certain moments of discomfiture. Not everyone looks good in glasses. So, the personality of a person gets negatively affected.

Contacting a lasik eye surgeon is the right thing to do to avoid such embarrassments and discomfiture. Laser eye surgery performed by Vipin Buckshey, a learned eye surgeon in India at Visual Aids Centre, a well-equipped eye care clinic, promises to restore your vision so that you can throw away your glasses and live your life with complete freedom.
It is said that your beauty lies in your eyes. If you have good,round and incandescent eyes, you are bound to look attractive. But when the same person develops power in the eyes and is forced to sport glasses, the eyes lose their magic; the spell gets broken. So, how to continue looking attractive and keeping everyone spellbound by your magnetic eyes?

The answer lies in an eye surgery. An average Indian tries to resist going under the knife. Therefore, the mere mention of a surgery may sound scary for many. But there are two things which can give you comfort in this context. Firstly,technology today has advanced by leaps and bounds. No risk factors are involved and almost all the surgeries performed in any field and over any part of the body are successful. Today, excellent equipments and facilities are available in hospitals and eye surgery clinics like Visual Aids Centre. So, fear is something which is immaterial in such cases. Secondly, not all surgeries require you to go under the knife. For a laser eye surgery,only laser instruments are used. Blade free lasik surgery may be the answer to all your questions and apprehensions.

Femto lasik surgery of the eye is something which is becoming more and more common in all over India. A higher number of people are opting for it and there are many reasons why you too should go for it.

First and foremost, it is a laser surgery. It means that it does not involve any pain. At the same time, this pain-free surgery is devoid of any major risks. As long as you are sticking to the advice and guidelines of the surgeon, you will come out unscathed and smiling from this experience.

The second reason why Femto lasik surgery can be a boon to you is that it is not expensive. One may think that it will be a costly affair. But on the contrary, the surgical expenses are minimal and affordable for the masses.

The third reason why this surgery is beneficial is that it allows you a good riddance from the annoying glasses. This surgery will give you your eyes back in a way. You will not have to depend on those thick glasses which have always chained you to itself by limiting youractivities and making you fully dependent on it. There are people who have so high eye power that they are forced to wear glasses even while taking a shower. Blade free lasik surgery will correct your vision and you will be able to live happily without those silly glasses. You will be able to enjoy a glass-free shower and even include activities like swimming in your routine without any trouble.

Another good reason for opting this surgery is the fact that it helps good-looking men and women to retain their original face. So, if you feel that the glasses are diluting your natural appearance, you can go for this laser eye surgery and walk out of the room, free from glasses and full of renewed confidence.